How to play “The One-Click Opinion Game”

  1. Make sure you are logged in with your FACEBOOK account.
    (we’ll be adding more social logins and muuver accounts soon)
  2. Click our link to play the opinion game
  3. Select a topic category to play – (the first item will then display).
  4. vote-buttons-close
    Use these vote buttons to show how much you like or dislike the item.
  5. Click SKIP if you don’t know what an item is.
  6. Click SKIP if you don’t want people to know your vote on an item.
  7. Keep rating items until the game is completed! It’s simple!

You’ll need to log in with FB first, partner.


with +: #ilikethis+, #ireallylikethis++, #ilovethis+++
with -: #idislikethis-, #ireallydislikethis--, #ihatethis---
  • these hashtags above are called “supertags”
    – supertags are hashtags with 1 to 3 pluses (+) or minuses (-) to indicate how your feel about the item
  • to make a neutral vote, use 1 plus (+) and one minus (-), like this: #neutralvote+-
  • see your most recent vote and the worldwide score for that item at top of page
  • international versions of #supertagr+- coming soon